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Language course registration is now live!

You can register for English and Japanese courses starting today until Thursday, August 15th. Don’t miss your chance, register today. After submitting your information, you will receive a confirmation email from the OIST Groups website. The confirmation of registration will come from your instructor no later than Friday, August 16th. Please allow time for your instructor to evaluate your information and get back to you with the course details.

Registration link (English and Japanese)

All Japanese and English classes continue to be free for all OIST employees and their families.  To help you to plan for classes starting on Monday, September 9, we have compiled a list of the textbooks that will be used next semester.  Effective this fall, all language students should plan to purchase their textbooks for their class(es).

Course schedule (English and Japanese)

Textbook list (English and Japanese)












 English Language Instructor Bios 

OIST provides a wide variety of English Language courses to meet the needs of OIST’s diverse international student body, researchers, administrative staff, and family members. All courses include reading, writing, speaking, and listening components, and are designed to encourage teamwork and active participation. Authentic materials are included, such as videos, audio recordings, and newspaper articles, to provide students with real-world examples relevant to their roles at OIST.

Contact: Margaret Howell,, 098-966-1638


 Japanese Language Instructor Bios |   Japanese Language Program

The Japanese Language staff are conducting Japanese language courses for all OIST members - students, researchers, faculty,  administrative staff, and family members. The courses range from basic to advanced, focusing on fundamental communication skills. All courses include instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Extra-curricular activities are also held to help participants adjust to the customs and culture of their new surroundings.

Contact: SACHIKO.SEGAWA@OIST.JP, 098-966-8607