Science is Interesting! Science Seminar @ OIST


Saturday, January 27, 2024 - 13:00 to 16:30


OIST Sydney Brenner Lecture Theatre (Seminar Room B250)


Date and time:2024.1.27(Sat.) 13:00~16:30 

Venue : OIST Sydney Brenner Lecture Theatre (Seminar Room B250) 

ThemeNature and environment of Onna Village 

Contents:First half of the session will be a lecture by two researchers from Europe and one from Okinawa, who will introduce themselves, their country's culture, how they got interested in science, how they got involved in research at OIST, and the content of their research (15 minutes of lecture + 15 minutes of interpretation).Second half of the session will be a "science café" on the restaurant floor near the seminar room, where the speakers and participants can communicate and talk with each other and share the joy of science.  There will be a campus tour to visit laboratory buildings and provide an opportunity for participants to experience science more closely.

Participants:Junior high school students ~ University students/ Technical college students up to 100 

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