[Catch-All Mathematical Colloquium] Scaling limits of random walks on random graphs: An electrical resistance approach, David Croydon (Kyoto University)


Monday, April 11, 2022 - 10:00 to 12:00


Online via Zoom


The colloquium will be held once a month online. Each event consists of a one-hour talk on mathematics followed by a one-hour diversity panel discussion session. Please register before April 7, 5 pm. Click here to register!

Speaker: Professor David Croydon, Kyoto University

Part I 
Title: Scaling limits of random walks on random graphs: An electrical resistance approach

Abstract: In describing properties of disordered media, physicists have long been interested in the behaviour of random walks on random graphs that arise in statistical mechanics, such as percolation clusters and various models of random trees. Random walks on random graphs are also of interest to computer scientists in studies of complex networks. In ‘critical’ regimes, many of the canonical models exhibit large-scale fractal properties, which means it is often a challenge to describe their geometry, let alone the associated random walks. In this talk, I will describe an approach suitable for understanding various ‘low-dimensional’ models of random walks on random graphs that builds on the deep connections that exist between electrical networks and stochastic processes.

Part II

Working in different places, and especially in different countries, naturally leads one to draw comparisons. Through such, one learns more about the working cultures of each. After some brief general musings on this topic, I plan to share some of my experiences from the UK of working on a departmental committee that was responsible for staff welfare (including work-life balance and gender equality).

Please click here to register. Registration deadline: April 7, Thursday 5 pm

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