Catch-all Mathematical Colloquium of Japan

Catch-all Mathematical Colloquium of Japan


Organizers: Benoit CollinsMakiko SasadaAsuka TakatsuTetsuji Taniguchi, Xiaodan Zhou

Catch-all means something that holds or includes a wide variety of things. This word captures the main goals of our colloquium.


  • The first goal is to “catch” different fields of mathematics and the colloquium is devoted to offer broad overview talks for a general mathematical audience rather than technical talks for specialists.
  • The second goal of our colloquium is to “catch” diverse groups of people doing mathematics and to promote the diversity in the math community in Japan. Following each colloquium talk, we will have a panel discussion session focusing on various topics of diversity issues where participants can join to discuss.
  • Finally, the colloquium also aims to provide a networking opportunity for people working in different areas and universities in Japan through the monthly meeting.


More information of the colloquium, check the colloquium website.



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