2020 Mini-Symposium

Partial Differential Equations under Various Metrics 


December 8- December 11, 2020 (Zoom Meeting)

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Recently partial differential equations in general metric spaces have attracted enormous attention of researchers in the world. The past years have witnessed many studies connecting PDEs on metric spaces or analysis in various function spaces to applications in statistic mechanics, mean field games, optimal control, fluid mechanics, transport flow, image processing and other related areas. 

This mini-symposium is intended to demonstrate the importance of nonlinear partial differential equations and functional analysis in a general geometric setting. The aim is to bring together a number of top class mathematicians working in this area. We will discuss various advanced topics with emphasis on Hamilton-Jacobi equations, elliptic or parabolic equations as well as functional analysis in various metric spaces. We also expect to study such kind of problems in more specific metric spaces such as Riemannian and sub-Riemannian manifolds.



Yoshikazu Giga The University of Tokyo      

Qing Liu Fukuoka University     

Xiaodan Zhou OIST



Chiyo Eto


This mini-symposium is sponsord and supported by OIST workshop section. Special thanks to Ms. Yana Maneva, Ms. Hitomi Miyazato, Ms. Maho Moriyama and Ms. Tomomi Nishi.