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Industry Partnerships

The Business Development Section pro-actively builds strong networks with companies in Japan and around the world. The Business Development Section works closely with OIST researchers and companies to enable innovative research partnerships and negotiates sponsored and collaborative contracts with industry.

Industry interested in working with our researchers or sponsoring their work should contact the Business Development Section. For information on our research units, please see the unit pages.

Industry Affiliates Program

Innovation Network@OIST is a membership-based platform that aims at creating an open dialogue with our industry partners and facilitating their engagement with our research, education, and innovation activities.  Through this program, we aim to expand our community of innovation seekers around OIST.  Companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and other individuals are invited to apply for membership.


OIST also promotes entrepreneurship to advance high-growth venture creation in Okinawa. We organize seminars and workshops to strengthen networks and stimulate entrepreneurial activities. Beyond these promotional events, we also directly support promising projects stemming from OIST research.