Early After School Program


OIST's Early After School Program is open to school-age children in grades K-6. Our doors open at 13:30, and children are dropped off or arrive by bus. They spend the first 30 minutes settling in and are free to do quiet activities of their choice.

From 14:00 children have outdoor play time and/or a structured indoor activity. Outdoors, children engage in activities like jump rope, blowing bubbles, four-square, and chalk art, among others. Indoors, children may choose to read, play with legos, color, play with iron beads, learn and play board games and card games, and a variety of other activities. Since Early After School Program children are usually younger, they get a chance in a smaller group to learn and try out the games they see older children play.

From 15:30, the Early After School merges with regular After School. Children with school-assigned homework may enter the homework room to complete it, while other children may continue engaging in supervised indoor or outdoor activities of their choice.

Parents are welcome to visit when their children are present.

SAP encourages parents to leave with their children as soon as they have finished work and before 18:30 to avoid late fines.


13:30 Doors open
  Settling in time
  Quiet activities
14:00 Indoor/Outdoor Activities
15:30 Regular After School Begins