Spanish Lessons

¡Hola! Do you want to learn Spanish?  Luz from Mexico studied Hispanic Philology in the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is passionate about linguistics. Please join her course. You will practice conversational Spanish and also learn about grammar and latinamerican cultures. Don’t miss the opportunity to practice one of the most used languages in the world. 

Class Schedule for July and August

Level Month and Day Time Location
Basic Spanish July and August on Mondays 6:00pm-7:00pm L1 C015
Intermediate and Advanced Spanish July and August on Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm L1 C015


Basic Spanish

  • This class is for people that don't know anything about Spanish, but want to learn the basics like the phonetics and basic vocabulary and grammar.
    • Greetings and responses
    • Basic conversational skills
    • The alphabet and numbers
    • How to describe your nationality, your likes, and your family

Intermediate/advanced Spanish

  • This class is for people that already know some Spanish and want to practice it and expand the notions of grammar. Learn to express your experiences and feelings. 
    • Using the verb to be, Basic conjugation
    • Vocabulary for everyday situations.
    • Regular and irregular Spanish verbs in present, past and future.
    • Grammatical structures.
    • Conversational skills.


In order to progress in learning a language, there is a need for commitment and persistence. Please register for one month or both months.

Faculty and Staff: 1,500 Yen per class

Family Members of Faculty and Staff: 1,000 Yen per class

Students: 900 Yen per class

Family Members of Students: 900 Yen per class

1 Start 2 Complete
Fees depend on your status. Please read the details on fees when registering.