External Teacher Registration Process

External Teachers and Internal Teachers using OIST facilities

OIST University Community Services Division and Recreation Services Section

Outside Community Guests wishing to teach classes and use OIST facilities please fill out the registration below. We welcome you to utilize our facilities and work with the OIST community. Please provide us with your information.

Policies and Guidelines


An External Teacher is a person who provides services (e.g. classes, instruction) to members of the OIST community (staff, students, and family members thereof), using OIST facilities, that contribute to the OIST Mission and Vision. An External Teacher is not paid by OIST for the services provided but may receive payment directly from those making use of their services. OIST club teachers, those providing after-school lessons which parents pay for, etc. would be defined as External Teachers.

If you are an OIST employee, you can register to be an external teacher.

  • There is a conflict of interest with OIST if you are earning money while using (OIST property).  You cannot earn money while using the facilities here.
  • You can charge for material fees.
  1. An External Teacher using OIST facilities must complete, sign, and date an OIST Community Services External Teacher registration form before being able to teach and use OIST facilities.
  2. An External Teacher must ensure that they and the members inside the class do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religions, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or ability status.
  3. An External Teacher must register and apply with Recreation Services on an annual basis in order to teach and utilize OIST facilities.
  4. There is an expectation that 50% of the members must be OIST members in order to utilize the facilities for free. 
  5. An External Teacher must complete an in-person orientation on OIST policies and procedures as well as Safety information regarding facilities. This will be scheduled with the Director of Recreation Services.
    1. The person must complete the policies and procedures checklist for External Teachers using OIST facilities.
    2. Read and understand information in PRP 13.5 Procedures
    3. Read and understand information in PRP 13.2.5 Incident and accident response & reporting
  6. If the External Teacher is from the external community, The External Teacher must indicate on the registration form the name of their OIST contact person.
  7. The External Teacher must provide a copy of their insurance plan if applicable to the skills they are teaching (example: high and low impact sports and dance will require the External Teacher to provide a copy of their plan).
    1. General Liability
    2. Property
  8. It is an OIST rule that you cannot utilize OIST facilities to make a second income. Students are not allowed to use the facilities to earn income. Staff memebrs of OIST are not allowed to utilize the OIST facilities to earn extra income. This is due to OIST being subsidized by government funds.











b.PRP 13.5手順の情報を読み、理解する

c.PRP 13.2 .5事故および事故対応と報告に関する情報を読んで理解する






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