Definition of a Registered Club

Defining a Registered Club

OIST defines a Registered Club as a group of three or more students, staff, faculty or family members thereof who share a common purpose or interest. A Registered Club is entirely operated and organized by those individuals that created the Registered Club. Registered Clubs shall not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. The president of the club needs to be an official OIST employee or student with a valid OIST email address. The benefits of forming and becoming a member of a Registered Clubs are explained herein.  However, participants need to be aware there are certain matters that are not benefits. Please read the important details below.

The term Registered Club in this section shall also apply to the individual members thereof. In summary, a Registered Club is not an agent, representative, or employee of OIST and is not permitted to act as an extension of OIST. Therefore, along with any other relevant considerations, participants must contemplate the following:

  1. Registered Clubs are not always granted the non-profit nor tax-exempt statuses of OIST. Unless a club does continuous profitable business, it is not subject to taxation. Collecting membership dues or selling mementos at stalls to earn operating costs, etc. is not normally considered doing continuous profitable business. If you require more information, you must contact a certified tax consultant.
  2. Registered Clubs receive no insurance coverage of any type from OIST, while any damage resulting from using OIST facilities may be covered by OIST insurance. OIST makes no representation about the ability of a Registered Club to obtain any private insurance coverage. The ability to obtain any type of insurance coverage is at the sole discretion, expense, and risk of the Registered Club.
  3. OIST is not responsible for the contracts, indebtedness, obligations, and/or liabilities of a Registered Club. A Registered Club is responsible for the same. The Registered Club is not appointed and shall not act as an agent of OIST and shall have no right, power, or authority, to enter in to any agreement, contract, or other obligation on behalf of OIST or otherwise bind OIST. A Registered Club shall not execute any document or instrument on behalf of OIST and shall not at any time hold themselves out to any third party as an agent of OIST or imply to any third party that they have any authority to so act on behalf of OIST. When you use your club’s name, you must recognize that you are seen as a representative of OIST. You must act with self-awareness as a member of OIST and not harm OIST’s reputation.