Application for hosting events, activities or club fundraisers on campus

Hosting an Event, Activity or Club Fundraiser on Campus? Please fill out the application for approval.

All nonacademic program initiatives, events, club fundraisers or activities at OIST should be registered through Recreation Services. Once registration is received, your request will go through an approval process. Various divisions in OIST will be consulted to see if your "event" can take place. 

The first step is submitting an application for approval.

Q: Does my regular club activity require an application every time we meet?

A: No, you do not need an application for to perform regular club activities.

Q: Does Community Services need to approve my PD event?

A: No, Community Services only approves non-academic related events/ activities/ fundraisers.

Q: I am not affiliated with a club, can I host an event?

A: Yes, it must be approved if you are asking for assistance.

Q: What do I need an application for?

A: Please see the table below.

Non-academic Programs, Activities, and Events that need approval
Fundraisers on OIST campus.
Clubs or no- club people that want to host community activities for the internal community and external community on or off the OIST campus.

Club and non club activities that require collecting personal information from members of the OIST community.

People who want to initiate an activity or event that requires support from Community Services, Health and Safety, CPR, Buildings and Facilities, and Recreation Services.