Naha Guided Tours - Pick 1 only

Naha Guided Tours

Tour #1 Shuri Castle - 20 people                                 Tour #2 Tsuboya Pottery Village - 14 people

10:00am: Depart from OIST auditorium                         14:30: Depart from OIST auditorium

~11:00am: Arrive at Shuri Castle                                    ~15:30 : Arrive near Tsuyoba Pottery Village

11:15-12:45pm: Guided Tour of Shuri Castle                 16:00-17:30: Tour of the Tsuyoba Pottery Village

13:00: Depart Shuri Castle to OIST                                17:45: Depart Naha to OIST


Tour # 3 Kokusai Dori and Izakaya - 6 people

14:30: Depart from OIST auditorium

~15:30 : Arrive near Kokusai Dori

16:00-17:30: Tour of Kokusai Dori and small meal at Izakaya

17:45: Depart Naha to OIST

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I understand that I am responsible for myself and my family members: - Getting on and off the bus at the times provided by the tour guide. - I will not drink and drive if I attend the drinking event at the Izakaya. - I will provide my own transportation home if I intentionally separate myself from the group and will notify the tour guide. - I will follow all Japanese Laws while on the tour.
A Deposit of 1,000 JPY will reserve your place on the bus. A deposit is required for all participants. You will receive your deposit back the day you travel.