Monday Mobility Registration Page

Cost: FREE

What is Mobilty Monday Class?

The aim of this class/session is to breakup those long days at the office, and allow you to increase your overall mobility, posture, and flexibility.

Mobility stretching aids in relieving the tension associated with sedentary aspects of life such as sustained periods of sitting at a desk. Moreover, mobility stretching can reduce the muscular tension arising from over-exercising and will therefore help to improve your all-round functional fitness performance. It will also help to increase your range of movement, thus helping you too stay active and healthy for longer. Therefore, if you are stuck sitting at your desk or working in the lab all day, this short midday mobility session is a nice way to alleviate muscular tension, whilst also providing a nice break from work that will increase your overall productivity and mental wellbeing.

These sessions will be held during lunch hours, so you do not need to wake up early or stay for long periods after work. I have scheduled this class to fit around your day!