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[Workshop] Discover the Ever-expanding world of SAKE (limited to 35 participants)

Have you ever found sake intriguing but felt unsure where to start?
Or are you eager to deepen your sake knowledge and explore new horizons?

This workshop is the perfect opportunity for both beginners and seasoned sake enthusiasts. Join us for a perfect head start on your sake journey or dive deeper into the captivating world of sake.

We invite Mr Tanaka, - owner of Lagoon Brewery, a Craft Sake brewery in Niigata prefecture, to guide us through this immersive experience. He will introduce us to the basics of sake, provide an overview of the current sake landscape, and unveil the mesmerizing world of Craft Sake—a cutting-edge genre that expands the horizons of traditional sake.

Craft Sake is a new category of sake that incorporates innovative processes and ingredients not traditionally accepted under sake regulation. 

Lagoon Brewery, founded in 2021 at the lakeside of Fukushima-nada in Niigata Prefecture, is at the forefront of this exciting movement.

He will guide us through the following*:

  • Introduction to Sake Brewing
  • Current Sake Industry Landscape
  • Emergence of Craft Sake
  • How to enjoy Craft Sake

and much more!

*The topics to be covered are subject to change
**For this particular workshop, we cannot correspond to the dietary restrictions needs

To enhance your experience, the talented chef from modern Chinese restaurant "Chimanois シマノワ" in Koza will provide dishes perfectly paired with the new craft sake. Enjoy these delicious pairings as you explore the exciting world of Craft Sake.

Date & time and venue

  • Date & time: Fri, 14th June 2024 18:30-20:30 (Door Open 18:00)
  • Venue: Conference Center Meerting Room


3,500JPY (including sake and catered foods*)

  • To be paid in cash to the Recreation Services office
  • Your seat will not be reserved until you have made the payment

1,500JPY(Student/Intern Only)

  • Please note: students are subsidised, We ask that you honour your reservation.

Payment due: 5pm Wed, 12th June


Any OIST community member (Staff, Students, their family members, and their friends) who is 20+ can participate in the event!

Important notice

If you reside off-campus, Please make sure to arrange transportation home post-event prior to registering. 

Please do not drink and drive.

[Info]Driving While Intoxicated and Under the Influence

Drinking and driving in Japan carries severe penalties. At an alcohol level of 0.15 mg per 1L of breath, a driver is considered to be Driving Under the Influence (DUI), which is punishable by imprisonment with work for up to 3 years and a fine of up to JPY 500,000. Driving While intoxicated (DWI) is punishable by imprisonment with work for up to 5 years and a fine of up to JPY 1 million. Please note that anyone who has provided a vehicle and/or alcohol to an intoxicated driver and/or a driver under the influence or who is a passenger in a vehicle driven by a driver who is intoxicated or under the influence may also be subject to imprisonment with work and a fine.

If a DUI or DWI incident results in an accident, the consequences are more severe. A driver who causes the death or injury of another person, under the influence of alcohol or drugs making it difficult for the driver to drive safely, is punishable by imprisonment with work for up to 20 years (in the case of a death) or 15 years (in the case of an injury).

Note that under the Road Traffic Act, a bicycle is regarded as a car. Therefore, you cannot ride a bicycle after drinking.

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