Flow Mat Pilates class by Ikumi Aoki


Monday, October 23, 2023 - 18:45 to 19:45


Village Center Meeting Room


What is Flow Mat Pilates?

This is an exercise that removes distortions from the entire body and strengthens the torso mainly by perfoming on the mat and moving your body fluidly to the music.
It is expected to improve posture (helps for stiff shoulders and lower back pain) and general malaise.

Flow Pilatesとは




【Lesson Procedure】Total 1 hour

1.Warm-up(15 minutes)   Focusing on the spine andhip joints for Awaking your body.
2.Exercises on supine,sideways, and all fours (10~15 minutes for each exercises)  for balancing entire body mainly focusing on the core.


1.ウォームアップ15分 背骨と股関節を中心に体を目覚めさせます。

2.仰向け・横向き・四つ這いのエクササイズ 各10分〜15分 体幹を中心に体全体をバランス良く整えます。

Class Information

Date and Time | 日時

  •  Flow Pilates      Monday,14th August  6:45 - 7:45 PM 

Location | 場所

Classes will be held at Village Center Meetting Room


Fee | 料金

・Student |学生 : 1,500 JPY

・Faculty,Staff, and Family menbers|教員、職員、OIST関係者のご家族 : 2,000 JPY

What to bring:

Water, towel and a thick yoga mat (Recommendation is more than 6mm)


If you do not have a thick yoga mat, you can rental it from instructor.(available in a limited numbers)

Please let Ikumi-sensei know when you rental a yoga mat in advance.




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