Balletone &Pilates for Relieving Shoulder Stiffness classes by Ikumi Aoki

Objective of Class: A different style of Health and Wellness for members of the OIST community.

What is Balletone?

Balletone is a non-stop cardio and strength trainng program that combines pilates, ballet and yoga techniques that originated in New York. The movements are so simple that anyone can participate.


Effects of Balletone:

Balletone burns fat, improves muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiopulmonary function at the same time, and is expected to help you lose weight, improve posture, and boost your immune system. If you exercise barefoot, you can strengthen the soles of your feet, which help stabilize your core and promote blood flow. You can also wear indoor shoes if you need.



【Lesson Procedure】Total 50 mins

  1. Warm-up(15 minutes) Confirming correct standing pose, and move the entire body from the soles of the feet to the floor to increase the heart rate gradually.
  2. Work-out(20 minutes) 10min. × 2 segments: This segment are composed of Fitness, Ballet and Yoga and repeated in sequence 3.
  3. Stretching(10 minutes) After calming down  your breathing with aromatic schents,  It is time to getting relax and streach the muscles you have worked.


  1. ウォームアップ (15分) 正しい立ち姿勢を確認をした後、足裏から身体全体を隈なく動かし心拍数を徐々に上げます。
  2. ワークアウト (20分)  10分×2セグメント フィットネス+バレエ+ヨガの要素を取り入れた動きを順番に繰り返します。
  3. ストレッチ (10分) アロマの香りで呼吸を落ち着けた後、動かした筋肉をしっかりと伸ばすリラックスタイムです。

Pilates for Relieving Shoulder Stiffness

Stretches for the shoulder and hip joints, which tend to stiffen due to desk work.
By strengthening the inner muscles of the trunk, which support the spine, helps to improving posture.
This will fundamentally improve your posture and make your body less prone to stiff shoulders.

In addition, it is also effective for recovering lower back pain and tightening the abdomen.
This class is suitable for beginners and those who have never take Pilates class before and haven't exercise habits.

*Additional informaiton below:

①The maximum number of participants in the Pilates class will be only 5 people. So, please register in advance! The instructor will check your movement and make corrections to lead you to the best movement.

②Using exercise tools such as yoga blocks, mini balls, and rubber bands helps you exercise efficiently. Beginners also can have a class effectively! (Tools are provided by the instructor.)











【Lesson Procedure】Total 1 hour

1.Warm-up(15 minutes)   Focusing on the spine andhip joints for Awaking your body.
2.Exercises on supine,sideways, and all fours (10~15 minutes for each exercises)  for balancing entire body mainly focusing on the core.

3.Stretching(10 minutes) After calming down  your breathing with aromatic schents,  It is time to getting relax and streach the muscles you have worked.


1.ウォームアップ15分 背骨と股関節を中心に体を目覚めさせます。

2.仰向け・横向き・四つ這いのエクササイズ 各10分〜15分 体幹を中心に体全体をバランス良く整えます。

3.ストレッチ (10分) アロマの香りで呼吸を落ち着けた後、動かした筋肉をしっかりと伸ばすリラックスタイムです。

Class Information

Date and Time | 日時

Every Mondays from 18:45 to 19:45.

*The class theme will be changed depends on the week, please check name of classes when you register your requeted class.

Location | 場所

Both of the classes will be held at Village Center Meetting Room


Fee | 料金

*For Balletone classes's fee

All participants (Student/Staff and their family menbers) fee is 1,000 Yen

*Special Offer!! 

For Friday's Balletone class, All participants (Student/Staff and their family members) fee is 500 Yen



*For Pilates classes's fee

・Student |学生 : 1,500 JPY

・Faculty,Staff, and Family menbers|教員、職員、OIST関係者のご家族 : 2,000 JPY


What to bring:

Water, towel and a yoga mat to stretch| 用意するもの:水、タオル、ヨガマット

*If you will join Pilates class, Please prepare a thick yoga mat(Recommendation is more than 6mm)

If you do not have a thick yoga mat, you can rental it from instructor.(available in a limited numbers)

Please let Ikumi-sensei know when you rental a yoga mat.




Registration form

1 Start 2 Complete
I certify that I am in good health to participate in any fitness related activity hosted by OIST Recreation Services and will sign the liability waiver. 私は、OISTレクリエーションサービスが提供するフィットネス活動に参加出来る健康状態であることを保証し、免責同意書に署名します。
please pay the instructor directly. | 直接講師の方へ現金でお支払いください。