Balletone Fitness Classes by Ikumi Aoki

Instructor: Ikumi Aoki - Balletone Sole Synthesis Instructor

Ikumi- Sensei was born and raised in Aichi Japan. She learned ballet starting at the age of 4 and has been practicing since. She has also been active in various dances such as hula dancing and salsa dancing.

She became a certified instructor in 2021 in order to share the effectiveness and fun of Balletone with more people.

She moved to Okinawa with her family in 2020, and teacher Balletone at a yoga studio in Yomitan-son and now at OIST on Mondays. Her classes are known for their simplicity and friendliness.




Objective of Class: A different style of Health and Wellness for members of the OIST community.

What is Balletone?

Balletone is a non-stop cardio and strength trainng program that combines pilates, ballet and yoga techniques that originated in New York. The movements are so simple that anyone can participate.


Effects of Balletone:

Balletone burns fat, improves muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiopulmonary function at the same time, and is expected to help you lose weight, improve posture, and boost your immune system. If you exercise barefoot, you can strengthen the soles of your feet, which help stabilize your core and promote blood flow. You can also wear indoor shoes if you need.



【Lesson Procedure】Total 1 hour

  1. Warm-up(15 minutes) Confirming correct standing pose, and move the entire body from the soles of the feet to the floor to increase the heart rate gradually.
  2. Work-out(30 minutes) 10min. × 3 segments: This segment are composed of Fitness, Ballet and Yoga.
  3. Stretching(15 minutes) After calming your breathing with aromatic schents,  It is time to relax and streach the muscles you have moved.


  1. ウォームアップ (15分) 正しい立ち姿勢を確認をした後、足裏から身体全体を隈なく動かし心拍数を徐々に上げます。
  2. ワークアウト (30分)  10分×3セグメント フィットネス+バレエ+ヨガの要素を取り入れた動きを順番に繰り返します。
  3. ストレッチ (15分) アロマの香りで呼吸を落ち着けた後、動かした筋肉をしっかりと伸ばすリラックスタイムです。

Date and Time | 日時

Every Monday 6:45 - 7:45 PM | 毎週月曜日、午後6:45 - 7:45

Location | 場所

Village Center Meetting Room | ヴィレッジセンターミーティングルーム

Fee | 料金

・Student |学生 : 1,500 JPY

・Faculty,Staff, and Family menbers|教員、職員、OIST関係者のご家族 : 2,000 JPY

What to bring:

Water, towel and a yoga mat to stretch


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