Lab Meetings


We have several types of lab meetings, some of them are regular (Lab Meeting, individual meetings) others are scheduled based on the current needs of the lab members. These meetings are mandatory unless we have discussed in advance otherwise.

  • Group Meeting- Research presentation: One person presents a detailed update on their work including background, data, interpretations, and future directions. These might happen according to our lab meeting schedule (shared in Teams). If you cannot present pls discussed directly with Paola.

  • Group Meeting -Literature presentation: One person presents a paper of their choice or one of outstanding interest to the entire lab. Thre presentation should cover background of the paper, presentation of the data, intepretation of data and results and critical discussion. Pls make sure to share the article of your choice at least 3 days before the presenation. We encourage all the PhD students (but not only) to actively partecipate to the discussion. Literature presentation happens according to our schedule (shared in Teams).

  • Group Meeting -Flash presentations: This special group meeting happens only twice a year according to the schedule (shared in Teams). It aims to be a good practice for flash talks or for explaining briefly your project. Every lab member will present 3 slides on their project (max 5mins). Feedbacks are welcome.


  • Individual Meetings: This is your time with Paola to discuss data, progress and anything else of concern. Meetings are ~30 minutes long and usually they run once a week according to the outlook invitation. The frequency of these meetings can change according to your needs.

  • Data Meeting: These meetings can be called by any group member who cannot overcome diffulties in analysing his/her raw data. Bring your labtop with raw data and all the analysis (or attempts of analysis) that you have done.

  • Invited speakers talks: when our Unit hosts a guest all the group members are *highly* reccomanded to attend the talk.

  • Internal seminar: These are on Thursday afternoon at 4.00pm in C700 or via Zoom. Pls make every attempt to attend them and plan experiemnts around them.