Ms. Anjali Gupta, Rotation Student (Sep-Dec 2022)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Ms. Adriana Hernández González Intern student (Jan-Aug 2022)

Currently master student at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Dr. Mirco Dindo, Staff Scientist (Mar 2019- May 2022)

Currently PI at the University of Perugia.

Dr. Madhuri Gade, Postdoctoral Scholar (Nov 2017- Mar 2022)

Currently scientist at phasebiolabs (UK).

Ms. Lilian Magnus, Rotation Student (May - Aug 2021)

Welcome back to our lab as Ph.D. Student! (2022 -)


Ms. Samira Gmuer, Rotation Student (Dec.2020 - Apr.2021)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.


Mr. Aiman Fariz, Intern Student (Feb - Mar.2021)

Currently bachelor student at Sapporo University.

Dr. Bhanu Chouhan, Postdoctoral Scholar (Mar.2018-Mar.2021)

Currently Postdoctoral Scholar at Charles University (Czech Republic).

Mr. Keon Young Kim, Rotation Student (May - Aug.2020)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Ms. Desirae Martinez, Technician (Jul.2019 - Sep.2020)

Ms. Anna Magdalena Klarkowska, Research Intern (Oct.2019-Aug.2020)

Currently master student in University of Copenhagen

Mr. Andrea Testa, JSPS Fellow / Research Intern (Feb.-Aug.2020)

Currently Ph.D. student in ETHZ, Switzerland

Ms. Catalina Mosquera Salcedo, Intern Student (Jul.-Nov.2019)
Dr. Babak Bakhshinejad, Postdoctoral Scholar (Nov.2017-Oct.2019)

Mr. Dan Kozome, Gap Program Student (Apr.-Aug.2019)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST in our Lab.

Ms. Nonno Hasegawa, Intern Student (Apr.-Aug.2019)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Ms. Upasana Pal, Intern Student (Jan.-May 2019)

Currently PhD stundent at Institute of Applied Microbiology, RWTH AAchen University, Germany. 

Ms. Varsha Venkatesha Murthy, Intern Student (Jan.-May 2019)

Currently technician in OIST.

Ms. Dalmira Merzhakupova, Master Student (May 2018-May2019)

Currently Ph.D. student in Mainz (Germany).

Ms. Shayida Maimaiti, Technician (Apr.2018-Apr.2019)

Currently a student at Gothenburg University (Sweden).

Mr. Tatsuya Matsuda, Intern Student (Feb.-Apr.2019)

Currently Master Student in Ehime University (Japan).

Ms. Avlokita Tiwari, Intern Student (Oct.2018-Feb.2019)

Currently a student at University of Turku

Mr. Santanu Mondal, Rotation Student (Sep.-Dec.2018)

Currently OIST Ph.D. student 

Mr. Dan Kozome, Research Intern (Aug.2018 - Oct.2018)

Welcome Back to our lab as a Gap program student! (Apr.-Aug.2019)

Ms. Sarah Yukie Nagasawa, Rotation Student (May.2018 - Aug.2018)

Currently OIST Ph.D. student 

Mr. Harry Hager, Research Intern (Jun.2018 - Jul.2018)

Currently Harvard Master student 

Mr. Stefano Pascarelli, Research Intern (Jan.-Mar.2018 / Sep.-Dec.2018)

Currently OIST Ph.D. student (Apr.2018 -)

Welcome back to our lab as Ph.D. Student! (2019 -)