Mr. Bakhytzhan Akdavletov, Rotation student (Jan 4 – Apr 26, 2024)

Currently PhD Student at OIST

Mr. Filippo Stocco, Research Intern  (Dec 2023-Apr2024)
Ms. Mary Ludwig,  Research Intern (Oct 2023-Mar 2024)

Ms. Sharon Babar, Rotation Student

Currently PhD Student at OIST

Dr. Saacnicteh Toledo Patino, Postdoctoral Scholar 

Currently, Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow at OIST.

Mauricio Andres Rios Maciel, Rotation Student

Currently PhD Student at OIST

Diana Nechepurenko, Research Intern

Currently PhD Student at OIST

Ms. Trang Vy Bui, Research Intern

Currently undergraduate at University of Massachusetts Lowell

Mr. Junho Lee, Rotation Student (Jan-April 2023)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Dr. Stefano Pascarelli,

Research Intern (Jan.-Mar.2018 / Sep.-Dec.2018)

PhD Student (2018-2023)

Currently post doc at Uni Lausanne and ETHZ

Ms. Anjali Gupta, Rotation Student (Sep-Dec 2022)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Ms. Adriana Hernández González Intern student (Jan-Aug 2022)

Currently master student at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Dr. Mirco Dindo, Staff Scientist (Mar 2019- May 2022)

Currently PI at the University of Perugia.

Dr. Madhuri Gade, Postdoctoral Scholar (Nov 2017- Mar 2022)

Currently scientist at phasebiolabs (UK).

Ms. Lilian Magnus, Rotation Student (May - Aug 2021)

Welcome back to our lab as Ph.D. Student! (2022 -)


Ms. Samira Gmuer, Rotation Student (Dec.2020 - Apr.2021)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.


Mr. Aiman Fariz, Intern Student (Feb - Mar.2021)

Currently bachelor student at Sapporo University.

Dr. Bhanu Chouhan, Postdoctoral Scholar (Mar.2018-Mar.2021)

Currently Postdoctoral Scholar at Charles University (Czech Republic).

Mr. Keon Young Kim, Rotation Student (May - Aug.2020)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Ms. Desirae Martinez, Technician (Jul.2019 - Sep.2020)

Ms. Anna Magdalena Klarkowska, Research Intern (Oct.2019-Aug.2020)

Currently master student in University of Copenhagen

Mr. Andrea Testa, JSPS Fellow / Research Intern (Feb.-Aug.2020)

Currently Ph.D. student in ETHZ, Switzerland

Ms. Catalina Mosquera Salcedo, Intern Student (Jul.-Nov.2019)
Dr. Babak Bakhshinejad, Postdoctoral Scholar (Nov.2017-Oct.2019)

Mr. Dan Kozome, Research Intern (Aug.2018 - Oct.2018), 

Gap Program Student (Apr.-Aug.2019)

Currently Ph.D. student in OIST in our Lab.

Ms. Nonno Hasegawa, Intern Student (Apr.-Aug.2019)

Currently Ph.D. candidate in OIST.

Ms. Upasana Pal, Intern Student (Jan.-May 2019)

Currently PhD stundent at Institute of Applied Microbiology, RWTH AAchen University, Germany. 

Ms. Varsha Venkatesha Murthy, Intern Student (Jan.-May 2019)

Currently technician in OIST.

Ms. Dalmira Merzhakupova, Master Student (May 2018-May2019)

Currently Ph.D. student in Mainz (Germany).

Ms. Shayida Maimaiti, Technician (Apr.2018-Apr.2019)

Currently a student at Gothenburg University (Sweden).

Mr. Tatsuya Matsuda, Intern Student (Feb.-Apr.2019)

Currently Master Student in Ehime University (Japan).

Ms. Avlokita Tiwari, Intern Student (Oct.2018-Feb.2019)

Currently a student at University of Turku

Ms. Sarah Yukie Nagasawa, Rotation Student (May.2018 - Aug.2018)

Currently OIST Ph.D. student 

Mr. Harry Hager, Research Intern (Jun.2018 - Jul.2018)

Currently Harvard Master student