Parent Resources

Classes for Children in Okinawa

Classes for Parents with Available Childcare

  • JAZZERCIZE: On Route 6 next to the Big Aeon with childcare service (6 months plus) for classes from 9-10am, Monday through Friday, during the week. You need to pre-book beforehand.

Classes for Mommies and Babies Together in Okinawa

  • "Mommy and Me"
    • Ganjuu is currently running weekly Baby Sensory sessions that are open to parents and babies under the age of 1 year.  These are held every week on Thursdays from 3-4pm in the Meeting Room in the Village Center.  You don’t need to book the session and there is no cost, just turn up with your baby.  This is a chance to try some sensory play activities with your baby whilst also meeting other parents with young children.  The group normally involves a guided group activity or song to stimulate the baby’s senses in different ways followed by some free play with sensory toys while parents have a chance to talk to each other.
    • A "Mommy and Me" class run by Lydia Logan at The Okinawa Christian International School is open to all Mums and Dads with their babies from 0-3 years old. It is weekly every Friday from 8.45-9.45am. Mums and Dads are asked to please email Lydia if they are interested ( At the time of writing, the class is paused, but the parents still meet up at the public park just beneath the school.
  • Yoga
    • Mother yoga class in Uruma City from 10:30-11:45 on Tuesdays
    • Yoga class in Ryu Clinic from 11am-12pm on the 3rd and 4th Thursday of each month. 
  • Baby Massage
    • 10am on Wednesdays in Okinawa City (from 3 months)
  • For new parents, there are a number of classes held at Yui Clinic. They are mostly open for anyone to attend (you needn't have given birth at YuI, although some are cheaper if you did!).
    • Balance Ball training for Mum's post partum and up until the babies are mobile. Lots of fun, babies lie on mats in the class and Mum's bounce around to music! Approx 1000 Yen per class.  1-2pm on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. 


Schooling Information

University Community Services: Schooling Options.

OIST Graduate University have created that site to share information on different schooling options available in Okinawa. Anne Hendler, Education Coordinator in the UCS, is happy to answer parent inquiries directly by email at

Resource CenterSchools and School Systems in Okinawa 

The OIST Resource Center also regularly offers Lunch and Learn Sessions about schools in Okinawa for parents. Please check TIDA for in formation on when the next one will be held.

Parent Ambassadors

These are members of PATO who volunteer their time to answer questions that OIST families may have about the schools in Okinawa. Plesae feel free to email them with any questions you may have.

Onna Elementary

Susan Boerner (English)

Rada Neiman (English)