PATO: Parent Association for Tedako at OIST

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The Parent Association for Tedako at OIST (PATO) is a group of parents seeking to support the Tedako CDC and SAP and to build community with other OIST families. We have meetings a few times a year to plan and discuss various events throughout the year like Teacher Appreciation Week, holiday parties, movie nights, and club fundraisers. We also help parents stay informed about updates from the CDC and SAP. We are always looking to include more families, so please sign up for our mailing list and come be a part!

Please join our emailing list by emailing and checkout our Facebook page and website! We also have a Slack channel.



PATOは、OIST てだこCDC及びSAPに通う子ども達の保護者から構成される団体で、てだこCDC及びSAPを支援し、他のOISTの家族とコミュニティを形成するために組織されています。PATOは、Teacher Appreciation Week(先生感謝週間)や映画ナイトなど、様々なイベントを議論、計画するために年に数回会議を開催し、常により多くの家族のみなさんへご参加していただけるよう活動しています!ぜひご参加ください!



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Latest Posts

  • Schooling Options in Okinawa

    The University Community Services Division has updated their information on Schooling Options. Please have a look: English | Japanese.

    You will find the flyers attached to this post in English and Japanese as well.


  • Join us for TAW 2021 Open Meeting

    Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW) is coming up soon. TAW is PATO’s way to thank the CDC and SAP teachers for all their efforts rising our children. These last two years have been especially challenging for them, and it is now more important than ever to recognize their work.
    We need your contribution to make this event a success.
    We are holding an open meeting on Wednesday July 28, from 12:00 to 13:00 in C209, Center Building, either in person or on Zoom.

  • Come hang out on Slack with PATO members

    Dear PATO members and allies,

    We have recently created a Slack channel for the PATO committee members and it made our internal communication so much easier that we decided to invite all members as well. Click here to join the channel.

    Let's hang out and chat about anything, CDC, SAP, parenting tips, concers, life in Okinawa... Looking forward to seeing you there.