Teacher Appreciation Week

The staff and teachers of Tedako Child Development Center and School Age Program do an excellent job caring for our kids! Each year for “Teacher Appreciation Week” we try to take a week to shower them with thanks and appreciation. Parents volunteer, donate, and write letters of thanks. It is a fun week for everyone!

TAW2022 : December 12th to December 16th

Mon: Coffee and Tea Day

Tue: Sata Andagi (Okinawan Donuts)

Wed: Catered Lunch (sandwiches from the Bros)

Thurs: Omelette Bar and sourdough bread

Fri: Gifts: socks, coffee, and AIEN giftcard


TAW2021 : November 8th to November 12th


TAW2020 : September 28th to October 2nd



Monday: Catered Lunch (sandwiches from the Bros)

Tue: Pancake Breakfast

Wed: Sweets, tea and coffee

Thurs: Massage + gifts

Fri: Ice cream bar