COVID-19 Parent Support

With families and children spending more time at home, PATO is sharing resources relevant to children's learning and having fun at home. Please reach out to PATO to share your own ideas. Enjoy, and stay well and happy at home!

Videos from CDC teachers

Special messages to CDC children

Message from Nyujyumi Class Teachers

Message from Umusan Teachers Kyoko and Reina

Message from Shinka Teachers Mika and Neil

Story telling by CDC teachers

The Big Brag read by Ms.Ellie

The Fox and the Tiger read by Mr. Ja

Yertle the Turtle read by Ms. Ellie

Splat The Cat read by Mr. Ja

Gertrude McFuzz read by Ms. Ellie 

My Teacher Likes to Say read by Mr. Ja

My Many Colored Days read by Ms.Ellie

The Wolf in Underpants read by Mr. Ja

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom read By Ms. Ellie

The Dog and the Fox read by Mr. Ja

Mine, Mine, Said the Porcupine read by Mr. Ja

l Will Try read by Mr. Ja

Songs and dances performed by CDC teachers

Clap Snap Dance performed by Ms. Maria

Row Row Row Your Boat sung by Kukuru Class Teachers

Bunn Bunn Bunn, Hachi Ga Tobu sung by Kukuru Class Teachers

Happy Birthday sung by Ms. Ellie

Akatasunndouhi sung by Yukiko Sensei

Wind the Bobbin Up sung by Ms.Ellie

Five Green and Speckled Frogs sung by Ms. Ellie


Other videos from CDC teachers

Learn to count in Korean with Ms. Sunhee

Learn About Italy with Ms. Olga


Resources from CDC teachers

Alphabet cleanup game, age 1.5+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Cooking with your child, all ages, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Experimenting with fingerprints, age 1.5+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Glass half full music and science experiment, age 1.5+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Laundry Game, all ages, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Pepper and Soap Experiment, age 1+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Proper Hand Washing, age 1+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Rocks in a jar experiment, age 2+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Stickers on body parts, age 1.5+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei

Yoga, age 1+, by Ellie sensei and Megumi sensei


Other home learning matierals

NHK have released ‘NHK for School’ a home learning platform. It is online here. Note the content is largely in Japanese. 

The New York Times published a collection of learning resources for children. Please note the English language bias and focus on providers based in the USA. The full article is available here.

Books and storytelling

Audible has made its children’s audio book collection freely available during the pandemic. Japanese language, English language and other languages available. They are online here.


The Woodland Trust UK have curated some ideas for children to enjoy the outdoors in their garden and local area.  Note that the wildlife in the UK doesn’t include habu snakes!  Their ideas are available on their blog.


Cirque du Soliel have made a recording of a 60 minute performance available on line for free. It is available on YouTube.

Google View in 3D. Google has an augmented reality feature allowing you to see 3D animals as if they were in your own home!

  1. Google an animal, for example: ‘giant panda’.
  2. Select the search result “Meet a life-sized giant panda up close”
  3. Click the ‘view in 3D’ button
  4. Click ‘view in your space’

Helping children understand COVID-19

The Daily podcast from the New York Times has published an episode called ‘A kid’s guide to coronavirus’.  It is available on their website. Note it is in English.

Other OIST links

OIST Recreation Services have put together tons of activities that you can do at home, including fun and educational things for children. Find them linked here