Schooling Options in Okinawa

The University Community Services Division has updated their information on Schooling Options. Please have a look: English | Japanese.

You will find the flyers attached to this post in English and Japanese as well.


Join us for TAW 2021 Open Meeting

Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW) is coming up soon. TAW is PATO’s way to thank the CDC and SAP teachers for all their efforts rising our children. These last two years have been especially challenging for them, and it is now more important than ever to recognize their work.
We need your contribution to make this event a success.
We are holding an open meeting on Wednesday July 28, from 12:00 to 13:00 in C209, Center Building, either in person or on Zoom.

Come hang out on Slack with PATO members

Dear PATO members and allies,

We have recently created a Slack channel for the PATO committee members and it made our internal communication so much easier that we decided to invite all members as well. Click here to join the channel.

Let's hang out and chat about anything, CDC, SAP, parenting tips, concers, life in Okinawa... Looking forward to seeing you there.

The Very First PATO Green Futures Award

PATO is launching a new initiative called the 'PATO Green Futures Award' to recognize CDC and SAP teachers, staff and classes that do something special to be environmentally friendly through teaching and doing, for example, being energy efficient, making the most of our resources, recycling, and protecting the environment.

Family Movie Night: Anpanman

Family Movie Night: Anpanman

Friday, June 21st, 2019 from 6pm

Auditorium Meeting Room #1

Family Movie Night: Doraemon

Family Movie Night: Doraemon

Friday, April 26th, 2019 from 6pm

Auditorium Meeting Room #1

Bring your friends and family to enjoy a movie night together!

Zanpa Park Exploration: Saturday, April 20, 2019

Zanpa Park Exploration 

Saturday, April 20th from 4pm

Bring your family for a fun afternoon of play at the playground!