Former Members


Dr. Neil Dalphin

now Assessment and Contract Monitoring Assistant at Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, NZ

ndalphin at


Dr. Christopher J. Roome

now Marie Curie Fellow, Petersen Lab, EPFL, CH

cjroome at 


Dr. Ray X. Lee

now Halassa Lab, MIT, USA

raylee at


Dr. Akihiro Funamizu

Zador Lab, Cold Spring Habor, USA

now Assistant Professor at IQB, The University of Tokyo, JP

funamizu at


Dr. K. Kumkum Hossain

Johansen Lab, RIKEN BSI, now Johansen Lab, RIKEN Center for Brain Sciences, JP


Dr. Marylka Y. Uusisaari

Yarom Lab, Hebrew University, IL

now Assistant Professor at OIST


Ryo Shiroishi