Public Outreach

2023 Mar 13-15 The Spring School of Computational Physics in Naha 

A Spring School for Computational Physics 2023 was held in Naha, Okinawa from March 13th to 15th. More than 100 students joined the school and Tokuro Shimokawa in our unit helped the organization of the event as a local coordinator.

2023 Mar 15 OIST Science Challange

On March 15th 2023, TQM members Leilee Chojnacki, Ananya Samanta and Snigdh Sabharwal were involved in the first in person Science Challenge at OIST since early 2020, teaching visiting students from Universities in Japan about superconductivity and how it can be used via the Meissner effect as a means of levitating objects visible to the naked eye.

2020 Oct 5th OIST NetCafé

TQM student Leilee Chojnacki took part as a panelist of the OIST NetCafé online information session for prospective students. She gave a presentation about her research life and student experiences at OIST and featured during the ensuing panel discussion.

2018 Nov 28 The 8th Condensed Matter Physics Seminar at University of Hyogo

Dr. Shimokawa talked about his experiences during his PhD days, in order to encourage younger postgraduate and undergraduate students at the University of Hyogo to enter the doctoral program. He also gave a seminar about his recent research findings on frustrated honeycomb-lattice magnetism.

2018 Mar 10-17 OIST Science Challange

The OIST science challenge was held again this year and again members of the Shannon unit participated. Seen here are PhD students Kimberly Remund and Andreas Thomasen demonstrating superconductivity and the Meissner effect using magnetic levitation.

2017 Nov 9 OIST Science Festival

The OIST Science Festival (previously known as OIST “Open Campus”) took also place this year and surprised with a record attendance of more than 5,300 people! Kimberly Remund, Andreas Thomasen and Rico Pohle - all PhD students in the TQM unit - worked hand-in-hand with Maki Maeda (Light-Matter Interactions unit), Jason Ball (Quantum Dynamics unit), Matthew Edmonds (Quantum Systems unit) and Bidesh Chatterjee (Membrane Cooperativity unit) in order to demonstrate exciting low-temperature quantum phenomena to the local Okinawan Community. Christina Lee, also a PhD student in the TQM, introduced geology and explained various minerals from all around the world to children and their family.


2017 Jun 21  JuliaCon 2017 in Berkeley - Teaching with Code

Christina Lee - PhD student at OIST - gave a talk at JuliaCon 2017 in Berkeley. She displayed both good and bad examples of documentation and tutorials, as well as guidelines for improvement.
Her presentation can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O_wcYLAMWw&list=PLP8iPy9hna6QpP6vqZs408etJVECPKIev&index=66

2017 Mar  Science Challenge - What is Your Science Dream?

Also this year during the OIST Science Challenge the TQM unit gave Japanese college students a glance into the multifaceted world of Quantum Phenomena. After setting up the frame for modern Quantum Physics with a historical introduction by Prof. Nic Shannon, Kimberly Remund - a 1st year PhD student at OIST - showed why and how electromagnetism leads to the formulation of Quantisation and Quantum mechanics. After an introduction to Superconductivity by Rico Pohle - 5th year PhD student at OIST - the presentations ended with the highlight of the program: a hand-on session on real superconductors, able to levitate just a few centimeters above very strong magnets.


2016 Mar Science Challenge

The OIST Science Challenge offered a highly diverse program for college students from all over Japan. Part of the schedule were explanations and experiments of many particle physics, here demonstrated by Dr. Karim Essafi and Dr. Ludovic Jaubert. At the last day Rico Pohle also joined the curious students in a Questions and Answers session (lower right picture).


2016 Jan 19  Science at the Onna Junior High

Dr. Ludovic Jaubert (in red) is teaching low temperature physics and its importance in superconductivity to high school students of the Onna Junior High in Okinawa, Japan.


2015 Nov 08  Open Campus of OIST

A whole day of science with more than 5000 visitors at the Open Campus 2015 of OIST. While Dr. Ludovic Jaubert and Rico Pohle presented low temperature phenomena in superconductivity (upper picture), Christina Lee (red T-shirt in background of lower-right picture) explained various minerals to the local community. 


2015 Mar 12  Science Challenge 

At the Science Challenge 2015 more than 20 graduate and undergraduate students from Japan and abroad came to visit OIST and spend one week learning about science and networking. One part of this great event was the participation in a specialized-subject talk, here: Science in superconductivity, taught by Dr. Ludovic Jaubert and Rico Pohle. (for further details see here


2013 Aug 21  SCORE! program

OIST graduate student presentations with the title "How did I end up with science?" to share background, experience and motivation to High school students from Okinawa. (presented by Lashmi Piriya Ananda Babu (in green, PhD student in the Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function Unit) and Rico Pohle (in red, PhD student in the Theory of Quantum Matter Unit))