[Seminar] "Sustainability of wave energy resources in Northeast Asia" by Bahareh Kamranzad


2019年12月5日 (木) 15:00 16:00


Lab1 C016



Ocean Renewable Energies have been considered to be a promising alternative to fossil fuels especially in the countries with vast exposure to the oceans and seas. Among the ocean renewable energies, waves contain the highest energy density, are predictable, and have the least environmental impacts. However, wave energy has been less investigated, due to high Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) associated with uncertainties in energy production estimations. However, development in the extraction technology is fast and the efficiency and suitability of wave energy exploitation depend on the areas where the technology is deployed. Formerly, the suitable sites for wave energy extraction were being selected based only on the amount of available energy. However, recent achievements in wave energy studies show that considering other factors are also important in locating suitable sites with higher efficiency. Factors such as short-term (intra-annual) variations and long-term changes will affect the sustainability of available resources and consequently, the suitable sites for extracting the energy, and also the selection of the appropriate type of technology. In this presentation, I will talk about the potential of wave energy in Northeast (NE) Asia and its monthly, seasonal and decadal variability based on a 55-yearly assessment. The utilized dataset are the modeled wave characteristics using Japanese 55-year reanalysis project dataset (JRA-55) developed by Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Five decades of simulated wave characteristics provide the opportunity to investigate the sustainability of available resources in NE Asia and Japan in long-term. In addition, I will present the recently developed factors in locating suitable places for the most efficient wave energy extraction considering different criteria and different types of wave energy converters (WECs).


Presenter: ​

Bahareh Kamranzad, カムランザッド バハレ

​The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Kyoto University, 京都大学 白眉センター 

​Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Kyoto University,

京都大学 大学院 総合生存学館 (思修館)



Personal webpage: ​www.baharehkamranzad.com

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