International Conference on Embodied Cognitive Science

Welcome to the ECogS Series 

The ECogS Conference Series is a yearly conference hosted by the Embodied Cognitive Science Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

Each year the conference brings together researchers from across the cognitive sciences to discuss pressing themes related to embodied cognitive science. 

This year's conference will take place between the 13th and the 17th of November, in OIST, Okinawa, Japan.

The theme for our conference this year is What is well-being? Comparative perspective

An overview of the conference theme, the list of speakers and talks, travel-related information, and the conference program can be found through the links in the sidebar. 

Updates about ECogS 2023 will be posted below and across our social media.  

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Tom Froese 
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Mark James
Mark James
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Mark James
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