ECogS 2022

Okinawa — November 7-11, 2022

Interaction Matters 

Tony Chemero
Why affordances matter
Anna Ciaunica
Proximal Interactions Matter: from Co-Embodiment to Social Interactions in Early Life 
Shaun Gallagher
The intrinsic an extrinsic dynamics of social interaction
Sanneke De Haan
Interaction matters: The case of self-illness ambiguity and relational authenticity from an enactive perspective
Ivana Konvalinka
The social, decoupled self: interaction and audience effects on dynamic self-other mechanisms
Joel Krueger
Aesthetic agency and collaboration with artificial systems
Charles Lenay
Technology and Enaction: From Spatial Perception to Social Cognition
Michelle Maiese
Social Anxiety, Affordances, and Habitual Trust
Mizuki Oka
Modeling the emergence of novelties and its dynamics in social networks
Shogo Tanaka
Embodied cognitive revolution behind the “sapient paradox”
Jun Tani
Studies on cognitive neurorobotics by extending the framework of predictive coding and active inference
Mog Stapleton
Ritual Pedagogy
Takashi Ikegami
How can an android become human?
Shunichi Kasahara
Cybernetic Humanity: Exploring the self emerging from human-computer integration

Conference Theme

The interdisciplinary field of cognitive science was officially inaugurated over half a century ago to explain the abstract intellectual capacities of the human mind. Since then it has been expanding its explanatory scope considerably. Research in embodied cognition is leading to broader open questions, such as

  • What is the relationship between life and mind?

  • What is the influence of behaviour on the brain?

  • How is human cognition scaffolded by language and technology?

  • How is consciousness shaped by our interaction with others?  

In short, all these questions are concerned with the ways in which interactions matter. Answers to these questions require a Copernican revolution in cognitive science: for too long has it been assumed that the brain is the stationary centre of a person’s cognitive universe.

The International Conference on Embodied Cognitive Science 2022: Interaction Matters (ECogS 2022) will bring together approaches that are theoretically and methodologically diverse yet united in their commitment to an alternative orientation, one in which agent-environment interactions play a primary organizing role in life, mind, and consciousness.

The aim of this conference is to further the development of this broad orientation in both conceptual and experimental terms.

As well as hearing individual talks from our invited speakers on topics of their choosing under the broad heading of Interaction Matters, we will be hosting a group workshop over the course of the event in which we will collectively deliberate on a particular issue pertinent to our community. 

Our inquiry this year will be focused on De Jaegher, Di Paolo and Gallagher's 2010 paper, Can social interaction constitute social cognition? Now more than a decade on from its publication, we will collectively critique the current status of the answers to the question they posed. 

The Embodied Cognitive Science Unit is looking forward to welcoming you at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, which is especially suitable for hosting such an interdisciplinary event.

We also hope that you will enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of autumn in Okinawa. The conference will take place in OIST's Seaside House, which has all the facilities necessary to make your stay in Okinawa one to remember, including a bar, a BBQ area, tennis courts, beach access and uninterrupted views of unforgettable sunsets. 

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