Don't use Wiley tokens for ebook chapters except Current Protocols series

On May 9 to 10 (US time), 218 Wiley tokens were spent to download Wiley e-book chapters. The library has provided tokens for users to access articles from Wiley Current Protocols series and journals not covered by our subscriptions only, so please do NOT use tokens for any materials other than those including e-book chapters.

A single token is worth one article/chapter. If all chapters in one e-book are downloaded by using tokens, the total cost of tokens used may exceed the book's price (218 tokens are equivalent to 401,120JPY!). As we have limited budget for this service, we would like to ask you to remind the followings;

- use tokens only for articles from unsubscribed journals or Current Protocol Series
- if you spent a token for a full-text of article, download it onto your computer to avoid to waste another token when you want to view the article in the future (access to the full text is only available for 24 hours.)

Thank you very much for your cooperation.