24-hour Library Access

OIST Graduate University Library is open 24 hours via keycard access for eligible users with a valid SECOM card.
Circulation and any other staffed services are available within regular business hours 9 am - 5:30 pm (Mon - Fri).
OIST employees have 24-hour access to the library.
The following users can have 24-hour access to the library with specific approval.
  • Individuals with visiting member status (e.g., visiting professors, students and interns)

Visitors can request 24-hour access to the library by downloading 24-Hour Library Access Request Form and obtaining the signature of one of the following approvers. Please submit the signed form to the library.

  • Manager of Academic Affairs Section (for visiting students, including research interns and special research students)
  • Faculty members (for research unit staff, including visiting professors & researchers)
The request will be processed within 2 weeks; however, not all requests will be approved due to limited space.
The service desk is unstaffed outside the regular business hours of 9 am - 5:30 pm (Mon - Fri), so please turn on/off lights and air-conditioners yourself, if necessary.
We request that all users follow University Library Rules 6.3.2.