Library Committee Terms of Reference

Library Committee Terms of Reference:



Approved by the Library Director on August 16, 2019



Based on PRP6.4.5., the Library Director defines details of the Library Committee as follows.



The purpose of the Library Committee is to provide advice on library resources relevant to the research and teaching of the University. The committee advises the Library Director on adding or discontinuing books, journals, databases, and other materials or services, on managing the Library budget and on making policy decisions concerning use of library resources.





a) To discuss and make recommendations on printed and electronic books for courses and research.


b) To discuss and make recommendations on individual subscriptions and subscription packages for online and printed journals/abstracts/citation services.


c) To provide advice on planning and operating the library system and related services.


d) To provide advice for planning the library budget and for ensuring effective use of budget to provide the best possible service to the OIST research community.

d) 学内研究コミュニティーに最適なサービスを提供するために予算とその効果的な使用について検討すること。

e) To monitor Interlibrary Loan and other sharing arrangements with libraries and other resources outside of OIST.


f) To monitor use and performance of Library services and to recommend changes or improvements.


g) To discuss and make recommendations concerning policy for Library rules and management.

g)  図書館規則や管理方針について審議し、提言すること。


Committee Chair:

a) Shall be a faculty member of the Library Committee and shall be appointed by the Library Director.

b) To be appointed/reappointed on a two-year basis.

c) To plan and coordinate the Committee’s work for the term of their appointment.

d) To work with the Librarian to develop a Committee meeting schedule and develop agendas.

e) To conduct meetings.


Regular Membership: The term of membership is 3 years with replacement as necessary to fill vacancies.

Four or more representative members from faculty members, managers of the Graduate School, or managers from the Research Support Sections including a chair shall be appointed by the Library Director. The term of membership is 3 years, and it is renewable. Current membership can be extended until the vacancies are filled. Regular members have the right to vote.  



Associate Membership: The Student and Research Communities shall select one member each. Each Committee should choose their representative by themselves, and report it to the Librarian. The term of membership is 2 years, and it is not renewable. However, if it is difficult to select a successor, a one-time renewal is permitted.​ Associate members do not have the right to vote. 



Ex Officio Observers: The Library Director and the Librarian

職権上のオブザーバー: 図書館長と司書


Frequency of Meetings: At least twice a year and when needed.



Quorum: Three regular members including the Chair.



Reporting: The Committee Chair, on behalf of the Committee, shall report on its activities to Faculty Assembly annually.



Advisors: When necessary, the chair can invite other faculty members for discussions of particular issues.   



Secretariat:  Provided by the Library.