Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Requests

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables eligible OIST affiliates to borrow material from other libraries and universities and obtain copies of articles or book chapters from titles that are either not owned or are unavailable from the library.

To make an ILL request, please submit an ILL Request Form.

Approximate Delivery Times

Available materials usually arrive within one week.


ILL cost varies depending on the supplying library.

  • Photocopies: B&W: 40-50yen per sheet, Color: 70-150yen per sheet + shipping
  • Borrowing: Shipping fee only (approximately 750-1500yen. It varies depending on the weight of a book)
For research unit members: ILL fee is paid from your unit budget. Please obtain an approval from a unit leader before submitting an ILL Request Form.

For OIST PhD students, ILL fee is paid by the graduate school.
Loan Period and Renewals

The loan period varies depending on the supplying library but is generally for 20-30 days. The loan may be possible to renew. Please contact us if you would like a renewal.


A notice is sent to your OIST e-mail account when your requested material arrives.