Web of Science Seminar: Basic and Advanced on September 6th


2016年9月6日 (火) 9:30


C209, Level C, Center Bldg.


Web of Science is Thomson Reuters’ publication and citation discovery platform that enables you to find references across many documents and a Billion citations. The library is hosting Web of Science Seminar and will invite an expert of Web of Science from Thomson Reuters. The seminar will highlight the content as well as the features and tools of the Web of Science to reveal citation connections and support research discoveries and publication. There are two sessions: Basic Course and Advanced Course, and you may choose to attend one or both sessions. Please see the schedule below and register for the session(s) you wish to attend.

REGISTRATION (https://groups.oist.jp/library/web-science-training-registration)

Notes for participants:
Please bring your own laptop to follow the instructor if possible.
Please “personalize” your Web of Science prior to attending the session (only takes 5-10 minutes). http://wokinfo.com/about/productregistration/
Please create your ResearcherID/ORCID ID if possible. http://wokinfo.com/researcherid/orcid-update/

Date: Tuesday, September 6th
Venue: C209, Level C, Center Bldg.
Instructor: Ms. Saya Miwa (Thomson Reuters)
Language: English
1) Basic Course @ 9:30-10:30
2) Advanced Course @ 10:45-11:45
3) *Course for new PhD students @ 14:30-16:00
*Those who cannot attend the sessions in the morning are welcome to join in the session which will be provided for new students in the new student orientation.

Basic Course Program (9:30-10:30)
9:30-9:35 Introduction
9:35-10:05 Basic concept of Web of Science
- What is Web of Science?
- How does it help you?
- Understand “citation”
10:05-10:20 Use Web of Science to accelerate research activities
- Efficient way to search, filter, sort, and find full text
- Learn analyze function : Citation report and analyze
- Find Impact Factor in Web of Science
- Corporate analysis
10:20-10:25 Useful tools with Web of Science
- Reference management tool Endnote online
- Promote your performance ResearcherID
10:25-10:30 Q&A


Advanced Course Program (10:45-11:45)
10:45-10:50 Introduction
10:50-11:00 Basic concept of Web of Science
11:00-11:25 Web of Science to optimize your research performance
- Efficient way to search
- Learn analyze function : Citation report and analyze
- Create alert and save the search formula
- Find research collaborators
- Find and analyze external funding
- What is top 1% papers?
- Finding researchers’ “interest”
- What is Impact Factor
11:25-11:40 Useful tools with Web of Science
- Reference management tool - EndNote online
- Promote performance – ResearcherID
11:40-11:45 Q&A
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