MENOPAUSE IN YOUR 40S? Empower Yourself and Others with Knowledge and Preparation


2024年3月6日 (水) 12:00


@Lab5 Atrium


Join us to gain insights and strategies for navigating the transformative journey of menopause. Learn how to understand and manage its effects while fostering supportive communities for women. Coffee and biscuits are provided! Feel free to bring your own lunch for our learn-over-lunch session. Connect, network, and enjoy some refreshments with us.


Talk Overview

  • Understand the phases and symptoms of menopause.
  • Discover proactive measures to prepare for and minimize discomfort during this transition.
  • Explore effective communication and planning strategies for maintaining work/life balance.
  • Get introduced to HerLifeLab's solution for holistic menopausal support.


Dr. Olga Elisseeva 
Visiting Researcher at OIST / Founder and CEO of HerLifeLab


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