Seminar: Real Time Vision Applications, Prof Donald Bailey, Massey University


2014年10月20日 (月) 15:00 16:30




Title:    Real Time Vision Applications
This seminar will review a diverse range of recent projects in machine vision, robot vision, and computer vision. Applications include real-time asparagus grading, automated pollen classification, an autonomous Trax playing robot, coastal resource monitoring, image super-resolution, robot soccer, a catadioptric stereo camera, and a pipe inspection robot. A common thread through these applications is a need for high speed and high performance processing, often with a constrained power budget. This has spurred research into the use of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for implementing embedded vision algorithms.

Brief Biography:
Donald Bailey is an Associate Professor at Massey University, NZ, in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, where he is the leader of the Image and Signal Processing Research Group. His primary research interests include applications of image analysis, machine vision, and robot vision. One area of particular interest is the application of FPGAs to implementing real-time image processing algorithms. He has published over 200 papers, and is the author of the book “Design for Embedded Image Processing Using FPGAs”.


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Harry Wilson
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