OIST NetCafé Online Information Session in June 2023


2023年6月8日 (木) 14:00


This session will be in Japanese only. The program will start off with OIST general introduction, PhD & Research Internship admission process, financial support and student life followed by the panel discussion by 2 OIST PhD students.


Morie Koseki (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2021)

Morie was born and grew up in Aomori Prefecture in Japan. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in engineering from Akita University, where she did her research related to the space debris removal system. Currently, she is working on how the elastic structures affect a fluid field in the Complex Fluids and Flows Unit (PI: Assistant Prof. Marco Edoardo Rosti). She looks forward to sharing information about Ph.D. life at OIST.

Kazuma Takada (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2022)

Kazuma has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Science. His undergraduate research focused on social fabrication, and his master’s research on the relationship between interface and self-awareness. Through a six-month research internship in the Embodied Cognitive Science Unit (PI: Assistant Prof. Tom Froese), he joined the same unit in the Ph.D. program. He investigates the mechanisms of human self-awareness through experiments and demonstrations. In his spare time, he enjoys electronics, creative work with 3D printers, and video shooting.

Targeted Audiences

Anyone interested in PhD and Research Internship at OIST

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