OIST NetCafé (大学院説明会) 2022年8月


2022年8月26日 (金) 17:00




This session will be done in English only. The program will start off with OIST general introduction, PhD & Research Internship admission process, financial support and student life followed by the panel discussion by 2 OIST PhD students.


Rachapun Rotrattanadumrong (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2017)

Rachapun was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He left Thailand to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at Imperial College London, where he specialized in computational and synthetic biology. During his undergraduate he also had the opportunity to perform an internship at Kyoto University. At OIST, he joined Professor Yokobayashi’s Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Unit as a PhD student in 2018. He is now working on using machine learning to understand more about the evolution of RNA enzymes. Outside of research, Rachapun enjoys cooking, snorkeling, playing boardgames and (before COVID) traveling. He hopes that after this pandemic is over, he can travel and experience other parts of the world more.

Aleksandra Gavrilova (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2020)

Aleksandra was born and grew up in Jūrmala, Latvia. She received her B.S. degree (Biophysics) and M.S. degree (Applied Physics) in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia. At that time, she was engaged in the projects regarding investigation of cellular and molecular mechanisms of Huntington’s disease and spinocerebellar ataxia. At OIST, Aleksandra has changed her scientific interests and now she studies cellular signaling during motor adaptation in mice in Optical Neuroimaging Unit (PI: Professor Bernd Kuhn) which she joined in January 2022. Aside to research at OIST, Aleksandra enjoys snorkeling and exploring Okinawan nature and culture.

Targeted Audiences

Anyone interested in PhD and Research Internship at OIST

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