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2020年12月18日 (金) 10:00






Lorena Andreoli (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2018)

Lorena was born and raised in Brasilia - Brazil, where she completed her BSc in Psychology. She then moved across the country to pursue a MSc in Neuroengineering where she worked with animal models of psychiatric diseases. She moved to Okinawa in 2018 and has been working at Neurobiology Research Unit and Memory Research Unit for her PhD, hoping to unravel the neurobiological basis of habitual behavior. Besides work, she enjoys going to the beach, playing sports, and spending time with her friends and dog.

Kristine Faith Roque (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2018)

Kristine is from the southern Philippines. She studied optical imaging and micromanipulation at the University of the Philippines-Diliman where she received her bachelor's degree in applied physics in 2013 and her master's degree in physics in 2015. She worked as a data scientist in the health care space, developing new algorithms for health applications such as tracking disease progression, before coming to OIST in May 2018. She is currently working on multi-agent reinforcement learning in the Neural Computations Unit (supervisor: Prof. Kenji Doya), specifically in constructing collaborative artificial agents. She enjoys playing video games on weekends and holidays.


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