Company Info Session (QunaSys)


2023年11月10日 (金) 15:00 16:30




Company overview:
QunaSys builds software for quantum computing to achieve its full potential through our algorithm development to product engineering. We engage in R&D for a future where quantum computers can be used as a disruptive tool in industries such as materials, chemistry, drug discovery, and many more.

Contents of the session:
1. General introduction to QunaSys
2. Biref overview of Qamuy and QunaSys reserach
3. Engineer/researcher share their expeirneces at QunaSys

Speaker information:
1. Karim Essafi: a research software engineer at QunaSys with wide experience in complex systems, algorithm development, and magnetic systems.
2. Mai Takayama: in charge of hiring and PR at QunaSys with wide experience in back office in a translation company, cosmetics company and video commerce company.
3. Jiabao Chen: a research software engineer/ researcher at QunaSys with wide experience in NISQ algorithm development & theoretical physics.
4. Mathias Mikkelsen:A research scientist at QunaSys with wide experience in theoretical physics and numerical calculations.


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