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ISCW Summer School 2015 宿泊 Accommodation

"Beyond Borders: Reaching Out to the International Press": OIST Accommodation Registration

August 15 (SAT) - 16 (SUN), 2015

シーサイドハウス宿泊について / Information about accommodation at the Seaside House

Aug 14 (Fri) Check-in, August 17 (Mon) Check-out for participants using OIST accommodation.
Application deadline: August 3rd (MON)

  • 二人一部屋とします。組み合わせは主催者で割り当てますが、同室を希望する方がいる場合は相手方のお名前を記載ください。※申請人数によっては、一人一部屋を割り当てる場合がございます。下記の宿泊料金をご確認ください。
    All rooms are double-occupancy accommodation (2people/1 room).  The room assignment will be done by the organizers. If you wish to share your room with a particular person, please write their name in the according text field. 
    Please note that depending on availability, you might be offered a single room. See below for accommodation fees for single-room occupancy. 
  • 二人一部屋の宿泊料金
    1泊目3,500円/人 2泊目以降1,500円/人
    First night 3,500JPY/person, second and subsequent nights 1,500JPY/person
  • 一人一部屋の宿泊料金*
    1泊目5000円/人 2泊目以降2,500円/人
    First night 5000JPY/person, second and subsequent nights 2,500JPY/person
    *Single-occupancy rooms will be offered in accordance to availability after application closes.
  • ご利用の可否は8月3日以降にご連絡します。ご希望にそえない場合にはご容赦ください。
  • We will inform you of the room availability after August 3. Please accept our apologies, if we cannot meet your request.
    Information regarding payment will be sent to participants accomodated at the Seaside house seperately. 
  • 8月15日&16日の朝8時半にOISTキャンパスまでの車を手配します。
    Transportation to OIST Campus will be provided in the mornings of August 15th and 16th at 8:30AM. 
    (If you wish to travel via rent-a-car, please inform us in advance.)
  • 食事はありません。最寄りのコンビニまでは徒歩片道30分。
    No food is provided at the Seaside House. The closest convenience store is a 30-min walk away.
  • シーサイドハウスのアメニティについてはこちら
    Please see here for information on Seaside House amenities

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