Digital Content, Brand and Design Section

Mission and Overview


  • Web design and development.
  • User training and content strategy and management.
  • Graphic design for web and print.
  • 2D and 3D animation for web and video.
  • Video production.
  • Photography.
  • Provides consultation and assistance to researchers by offering possible solutions, advice on best practices, and information about relevant university policies like the PRP, Graphics Standard Manual, web security, privacy, and accessibility.



For Q&A and help requests, send email to


Micheal Cooper smiling


Micheal Cooper

Micheal joined OIST as web administrator in October of 2010. He has a BA in English, a BS in Computer Science, and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics. At Miyazaki International College, he ran the IT department, taught IT Literacy, and helped with translation and student recruiting. Before that, he did interpretation and translation for companies like Asahi Kasei and Sheraton, managed an English school, installed LAN networks, did independent catering, and performed restaurant weddings as a fake minister, among other things. Before coming to Japan, he was an assistant to the Dean at Emory University.


Jeffery Prine

Graphic Designer

Jeffery Prine

Jeff Prine joined OIST as Graphic Designer in May of 2019. Jeff has been working in the design and multimedia industry for over 18 years. Since he was a child, he has always found himself drawn to art in its many forms, such as drawing, film, music, woodworking and architecture. After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art, he started his career in film and audio production which quickly lead to a complementary career in animation and graphic design. When not spending time with his family, you can find Jeff practicing Motobu Udundi in the Ojana dojo and on Sunset Beach in Chatan. 

Andrew Scott

Multimedia Specialist

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott has strayed a little from his start in marine biology. Ever since he got his hands on a video camera, he’s been driven to document the natural world on film. The call of science never left though, and he’s been combining his twin passions for science and storytelling ever since gaining his masters in science communication. It’s a path that's taken him from waist-deep mud in his native Scotland to shark cages in New Zealand, urban rainforests in Singapore to corals in Honduras amidst major political upheaval. He has an abiding passion for comedy too, and an ongoing interest in using it as a science communication tool. Whether in the lab, the TV studio, and now to the reporter’s beat at OIST, “Scotty” is ready to be amazed by the stories Okinawa has to offer. 


Social Media and Web Content Coordinator

Aya Peloquin

Aya joined OIST as the Social Media and Web Content Coordinator in February 2021, after 7 years of working as an educator in Canada and Okinawa. Creative projects, outreach education, and continuous learning have always driven Aya in her previous roles at OIST. As a half-Japanese and half-French Canadian bilingual, she feels at home in this international community of lifelong learners. She is looking forward to showcasing the remarkable research, daily activities, and the behind-the-scenes life at OIST to the greater community.


Web Developer

Jason Thompson

Jason's path to OIST was far from direct. After moving to Japan in 2013 to enroll in the University of Tsukuba, he became addicted to exploring what the world had to offer and how technology has weaved itself into the fabric of society across continents. Following his graduation, he was selected to join the inaugural class of the European Commission's Erasmus Mundus Public Sector Innovation & E-Governance program where he researched and presented about the cutting edge of digital governance in Belgium, Estonia, and Germany. He then jumped the Atlantic to the United States to put what he learned into practice as a member of the US House of Representatives' web team where he worked with Members of Congress to develop digital services to give voice to their constituents. But since everything is cyclical, he has now found his way back to Japan to bring his world of experience to OIST and Okinawa.