[Seminar]Synthesis and Property of Transition Metal Complexes Having a Lewis Acidic Group 13 Ligand by Prof. Makoto Yamashita, Nagoya University


2023年8月18日 (金) 13:00 14:00


C700, Lab3



Dr. Makoto Yamashita, Professor, Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University.


In transition metal chemistry, X-type group 13 element ligands play an important role for catalytic transformation of organic molecules. For example, late metal complexes possessing an X-type boryl ligand have been considered as a catalytically active species for borylation of organic molecules. However, most of the reported such boryl complexes has heteroatoms as substituents on the boron atom to stabilize Lewis acidic boron atom. In case of aluminum, examples of transition metal complexes possessing an X-type alumanyl ligand are limited.

  We recently reported synthesis of di(o-tolyl)borylgold complex, dialkyl-substituted alumanylyttrium complex, diamino-substituted alumanylscandium complex. These complexes have no stabilization of group 13 element center by pπ-pπ interaction. Therefore, they exhibited characteristic structure, electronic property, and reactivity. All of these features could be attributed to their characteristic molecular orbitals, involving overlapped vacant orbitals of the transition metal and group 13 element. In the presentation, details of these characteristics and general understanding of molecular orbitals will be presented.

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