ルカ・ネンチーニ (インターン学生)
Luca Nencini, Intern student
Dipartimento di Chimica, Università di Torino, Italia
Period: April-July 2016
Project: CO2 hydrogenation to formate

Shubham Deolka, Research intern undergraduate student
Period: May-July 2016
Project: new pincer ligands for small molecule activation

アリスティサバル ゲレロ、サンドラ ルシア(インターン学生)
Sandra Lucia Aristizabal Guerrero
Research intern undergraduate student
Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Period: July-October 2016
Project: polynucleating ligands for Pt/Cu and multi-Cu complexes

ホアン テ゛ィン ミン (インターン学生)
Minh Hoan Dinh
Research intern undergraduate student
Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Period: January-March 2017
Project: macrocyclic Mn complexes

ギオルギ・フィロネンコ (ポストドクトラルリサーチャー)

Georgy Filonenko
Postdoctoral Researcher
Period: July 2015 - May 2017
Project: photoluminescent copper(I) complexes, mechanoresponsive polymers

タナー・ジェンキンス (インターン学生)

Tanner Jankins
Research intern undergraduate student
Northeastern University, USA
Period: January-June 2017
Project: new catalytic method for making cyclopropanes


Robert R. Fayzullin
Visiting Scientist
A. E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan, Russia
Period: April-June 2017
Project: molecular and crystal structure determination of metal complexes


Andrey Petrov
Research intern undergraduate student
Kazan Federal University; Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan, Russia
Period: January-March 2018
Project: Exploration of Ru based complexes with organic S-,N-donor ligands for small molecule activation reactivity

アビシェック・デュベイ (ポストドクトラルリサーチャー)

Abhishek Dubey
Postdoctoral scholar
Period: July 2015-February 2018
Project: Mn-catalyzed hydrogenation of CO2 and carbonyl group; bioinspired ligand design
Currently Assistant Professor at JP University, India


Manuel Angel Gallardo Villagran
Research intern
University of Seville
Period: January-June 2018
Project: To develop a family of Ruthenium complexes stabilized with naphthyridinone-phosphine ligands, to be used as pre-catalysts, or catalysts in dehydrogenation reactions and small molecule activation
Currently PhD student in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and Limoges (France)

アビール・サルバジナ (ポストドクトラルリサーチャー)

Abir Sarbajna
Postdoctoral scholar
Period: August 2017-August 2018
Project: Organometallic chemistry of manganese
Currently NSF Fellow postdoc at UCSD


Luke Kramer
Research intern undergraduate student
Period: June 2018-August 2018
Project: New model systems for mechanoresponsive polymers
Currently undergraduate student at Harvard University

ジラティープ・プルチャタムコーン (インターン学生)

Jiratheep Pruchyathamkorn
Research intern undergraduate student
Period: July 2018-September 2018
Project: Ru complexes with N,S-donor ligands for small molecule activation
Currently M.Sc. student at University of Oxford


Saiyyna Stepanova
Research intern undergraduate student
Period: July 2018-September 2018
Project: Ru catalysis for new C-C bond formation reactions
Currently B.Sc. student at Lomonosov Moscow State University



オレステス・リヴァーダ・ウィーラハン (ポストドクトラルリサーチャー)

Orestes Rivada Wheelaghan
Postdoctoral scholar/JSPS Research Fellow
Period: May 2015-November 2018
Project:Ligand design to achieve activation of small molecules, and C-H funcionalization, using O 2 and transition metal complexes