OIST Action Plan for Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next-Generation Children

OIST Action Plan
We, the OIST, shall establish the following Action Plan designed to ensure a working environment which encourages the active participation of women researchers and staff and contributes toward their success in the workplace.

1. Plan period: 2-year period from April 1st, 2018~March 31st, 2020

2. Goals and Approach
   (A): Revise materials to inform employees about the support systems and financial preparations for childcare leave​
  <Timing and method>
     From April 1st, 2018 –  Revise the materials
     From April 1st, 2019 –  Publish the materials and inform the staff on the website

    (B): Create a welcoming environment in the new parent’s room and continue to support the usage of mother’s rooms
         on campus

    (C): Implement measures to increase the rate of men taking paternity leave
  <Timing and method>
     From April 1st, 2018 –  Offer informational meetings for all staff
     From April 1st, 2019 –  Offer seminars to increase awareness for the supervisors