OIST School Information

Okinawa Christian School International


What grades are offered?

The school currently offers Pre-K through High School.


Curriculum and textbooks are used?

OCSI use a variety of national curriculums and textbooks including: Common core, NGSS, Aero, Houghton Mifflin, Holt McDougal, Foss and AP courses.


What entrance examinations are there?

OCSI uses MAP growth to assess English comprehension before enrolling your child in the right class.


What afterschool options are available?

From pre-k to grade 5, students are able to stay in the afterschool care program until 18:00. Students from grade 6 onwards can access a wide range of afterschool programs for a small fee.


What are the different nationalities of students represented?

North American – 41%, Japanese – 45%, Other – 14%


How much time is devoted to students attending chapel?

Students from all grade levels attend chapel once a week for a total of 30 mins.


What big school trips are available during the year?

5th grade – travel to Japan on a cultural trip which lasts three days, 8th grade – travel to Ishigaki Island on a cultural trip for 3 days, 12th grade – travel to Taipei in Taiwan for 4 days. Trips currently postponed/cancelled due to COVID-19.


What is currently being developed at the school?

Renovation of gym floor and improved ventilation system. Safety improvements: fencing and walkway around the elementary playground. Expansion of AP options for high school students. Operate a 1:1 chromebook program for grades 4 – 12.


What additional support is provided for students?

Students from K – 8 have access to additional Literacy support as needed.


What are the student numbers for each section?

Pre-K and Kindergarten – 48, Elementary – 214, Middle school – 140, High school – 146


Accurate as of September 2022


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