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Hope FAQs

What grades are offered?

The school currently offers Preschool (3mo.~) through to 12th grade.  We will have our first graduates this year!


What curriculum and textbooks are used?

The preschool follows the International Early Years Curriculum. In Elementary they follow the International Primary Curriculum and in Middle School the International Middle Years Curriculum, both of which align with British education standards. They provide project-based learning lessons, where the activities are often student-led. High school is currently an affiliate of a high school in the US.


What entrance examinations are there?

Entrance is through the MAP testing program. Students are tested on both their English and mathematics skills. The entrance exam can be taken remotely.  There is also a parent interview.


What afterschool options are available?

Hope's club offerings are updated every term, but have included Robotics and Programming, Sports club, Karate, Cultural Dance, MakerSpace, School Publications, Student Counsel, and Pastry club, Yoga club, Debate club, Origami club...


What are the different nationalities of students represented?

Japanese (49.52%), Non Japanese (50.48%): USA, Philippines, China, South Korea, India, Cameroon, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, Israel.


What big school trips are available during the year?

We typically have 2 whole school field trips each year.  Each class is also encouraged to take between 2-4 field trips throughout the year as well.  These field trips allow students to make connections with their learning in the classroom and opportunities to embody the Personal Learning Goals. 


What is currently being developed at the school?

We are looking to build our community relationships!


What additional support is provided for students?

It is expected that students will have a certain minimum level of English ability prior to joining the school. The school currently has a specialized English Support Teacher dedicated to new English learners. The school also offers peer support of Singapore Math.


What are the student numbers for each section?

PreK and Kindergarten – 121, Elementary – 110, Middle school – 50, High School – 25


Accurate as of October 2023


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