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Amicus FAQs

What grades are offered?

PreK through to the end of Junior High School.


Curriculum and textbooks are used?

The Japanese MEXT curriculum is used, although with the exception of Japanese language itself, it is taught in English, alongside the Ontario (Canadian) English curriculum. There are also some elements of the Singapore curriculum used for Mathematics.


What entrance examinations are there?

Entrance examinations are conducted in November for 1st grade and Kindergarten (ages 4-5). There is a parent/child interview for transfer students, which includes a written examination on the day. Mid-academic year entrance is possible through Transfer Examinations, subject to the availability of places. Transfer examinations take place four times a year. Information is available on the website.


What afterschool options are available?

There are a variety of clubs that run afterschool, which includes care up until 6:30pm.


What are the different nationalities of students represented?

The overwhelming majority of students are Japanese nationality, some are dual. Among the students there are about 17 different nationalities represented.


What big school trips are available during the year?

Major trips occur in 6th and 8th grade, which all students attend. In the past, these have been to Hong Kong and Singapore respectively. A number of students also choose to join trips to Australia or Germany (under the supervision of teachers) during the summer. Post-COVID-19, a return to foreign destinations is being contemplated. In 2022-23 school trips will be within Japan.


What is currently being developed at the school?

The school joined the Round Square organization in 2020, and as such is part of a network of over 200 schools around the world that enables the school to network, take part in international events, and exchanges of both students and staff between member schools. As COVID-19 restrictions on travel are lifted, the school anticipates substantial opportunities for students to take part in exchanges with other Round Square schools.


What additional support is provided for students?

There is support for JSL up until the last year of elementary (G6), but not at Junior High. There is no formal support for special needs. Children with learning disabilities or behavioral issues would be better catered for in the public sector schools where they have access to greater resources.


What are the student numbers for each section?

PreK and Kindergarten – 61, Elementary – 361, Junior High - 115

Accurate as of September 2022

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