Ocean day event Movie screening


Saturday, July 22, 2023 - 10:00


OIST Auditorium


Japan Ocean day special

Screening of "Walking with Dinosaur ~ Sea Monster~"

Our ancestors emerged from the sea. In this event, we will delve into the depths of the ocean and explore the world of dinosaurs and ancient creatures. Join us as we discover the process of evolution and the fascinating lives of incredibly adaptive organisms. It's an opportunity for families to come together and learn. Let's embark on this journey and unravel the mysteries of the sea!



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  Saturday 22nd July, 2023

   Open gate:09:30am

   Start:        10:00am

                    Science short lecture by OIST Assistant Professor Lauren Sallan  - 30min

                    Screening "Walking with Dinosaur"   *Film will be shown in JA *No EN subtitles -60min

   Close:      12:00am

A booth by the Naha Coast Guard Department will also be on display to educate visitors about marine safety.


 You can visit our campus if you would like after this screening



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