Preschool Registration Form

Tedako CDC Application Form

OIST employees must use this form to apply for a place in the program.
We will assign your child to the class based on the registration date on this webform.

Once we offer the space to you, we will give you 5 business days to decide to accept the space.  If confirmation of acceptance is not recieved your child's space will be forfit and offered to the next person on the wait list. 

If you deley your start date, you will need to re-register or be put on the bottom of waiting list if there are no other spaces unless fees remain in place.

You will recieve an automatic confirmation notice after you submit this web form.  If you do not recieve a notice, please contact us to confrirm your registration.

School Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Please read this Personal Information Handling Policy carefully before providing personal information to CDC through this webform.

OIST Parent/Guardian Information
Other Parent/Guardian Information
Student Information
The nationality of the child. For children with dual or multiple citizenship, hold Ctrl or Cmd and click to select more than one country.
Student Health Information
Special Information