Mission & Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Children’s Development Center of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Graduate University (OIST) is a cooperative effort by OIST families, faculty and staff to support the development of happy, healthy, compassionate, and socially confident children who are prepared to successfully face challenges beyond the security of the CDC.



The Children’s Development Center of OIST is grounded in the belief that children are competent, curious, resourceful learners. Children’s interests and explorations provide the framework for curriculum and investigation. Our thoughtful and intentionally designed environment fosters children’s experiences, relationships, and opportunities for cooperative work. Materials are selected that are interesting and provoke creativity and wonder. Our work with children is based on respectful, collaborative relationships between staff, families and the community. Ongoing communication with parents is an essential element in the life of our school.



The CDC will strive to:

  • foster intellectual growth appropriate to each child’s level and pace
  • help build positive attitudes toward school and learning
  • provide support to parents and to be responsive to their needs
  • provide a warm, nurturing and supportive environment

We hope the children will:

  • learn to get along with others
  • learn to share items and people
  • explore a variety of materials and activities
  • grow in expressing themselves verbally
  • develop responsibility for themselves and their actions
  • learn acceptable ways of expressing their aggression and other strong feelings
  • develop the ability to finish what has been begun
  • learn to respect all people
  • learn to respect materials
  • build a strong self-image through successful experiences